Science Faculty Vision and Intent

As a department our vision is to educate and equip young people with scientific, technical, analytical and problem solving skills to prepare them for a brighter future. During their time at Park View students should master a range of skills and scientific knowledge to make connections between key scientific ideas to explain phenomena and justify their thoughts. We want every student to strive to be superlative. Students will learn what it is to be scientists – to read, talk and write like scientists.

As a faculty we aim to share a passion for our subject, building support on an individual level to allow students and staff to succeed and achieve. Ensuring challenge in all we do to motivate and engage students with the world around them.

Our lessons should be characterised by:

A depth and quality of challenge and engagement with the world of science fostering awe and wonder. Through a fundamental focus on practical, theoretical and real world problem solving to demonstrate the real world applications of the subject we and the students love.

Key qualities to be fostered in our students:

  • Confident problem solvers able to apply different concepts in science and maths
  • Resilient and independent learners
  • Adaptability and flexibility in new situations
  • Creativity and innovation

Above all we strive to create an inspiring environment which nurtures passion, engagement, aspiration, individuals and teams, pioneers and dreamers.