Gatsby Good Careers Guidance project

 Park View School has been selected for funding to participate in the Gatsby Foundation’s “Good Careers Guidance” programme which has the backing of the DfE and Ofsted and is funded by Lord Sainsbury.


The Foundation believes there are eight strands to good Careers Guidance. These are:

*  A stable careers programme

*  Learning from career and labour market information

*  Addressing the needs of each student

*  Linking curriculum learning to careers

*  Encounters with employers and employees

*  Experiences of workplaces

*  Encounters with further and higher education

*  Personal guidance


The project involves 16 North East schools and colleges and will form the basis of a report recommending improvements to careers guidance throughout England. We will receive funding over two years to allow the eight strands of good careers guidance to be embedded in the school with an emphasis on collaboration between schools and other stakeholders and in creating innovative careers provision and policy.

For more infromatio about the project, visit www.gatsby.org.uk/education/programmes/good-career-guidance