The Governing Body

The governing body will receive and discuss an annual report from the Headteacher on:

  •  the standards reached in each subject compared with national and local benchmarks.
  •  the standards achieved at the end of Year 11 and 13 taking into account any important variations between groups of students, subjects, courses and trends over time, compared with national and local benchmarks.
  • the number of students for whom the curriculum was disapplied and the arrangements which were made.

The governing body will review this policy at least once a year and assess its implementation and effectiveness. The policy will be promoted and implemented throughout the school.


The Deputy Head (Raising Standards Leader)

The Deputy Head (Raising Standards Leader) will:

  • ensure that schemes of learning are monitored and reviewed on a regular basis.
  • ensure that curriculum delivery is monitored for consistency and quality on a regular basis and take action where there are concerns.
  • ensure that  levels of attainment and rates of progression are discussed with Faculty/Subject and Key Stage Leaders on a regular basis and that actions are taken where necessary to improve these.


Faculty/Subject and Key Stage Leads

Faculty/Subject Heads and Key Stage leads will ensure that:

  • student and teacher performance is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that any necessary changes in terms of curriculum delivery are planned and carried out in a timely fashion.