English Faculty Vision and Intent

We are passionate about our subject and we want to encourage and inspire this in the students we teach. We want students to view reading as a vitally important part of their routine and, through this, for them to understand the creative processes involved in the craft of writing and communicating orally. We also want students to understand the importance of the written and spoken word in society, as well as in our literary heritage, both as a tool for communication and as a way of expressing complex emotions and ideas. Supporting them in becoming confident and independent readers and writers is at the core of the English department’s vision. Finally, we want students to understand how English as a subject can lead to real opportunities in the wider world of work.

By the end of Year 11, a good English student is creative, critical and has a keen eye for the subtleties of language, both in reading texts and writing their own. They fully understand the huge role literature plays in our heritage and in society as a whole as well as the power of the written/spoken word.

In order to achieve this, we want to inspire students to:

  • Read often and across a range of genres including fiction and non-fiction texts.
  • Be open minded when reading texts, considering different interpretations and viewpoints including the ability to compare two texts in detail.
  • To be analytical when considering the writer’s craft and the effects on the reader.
  • To be critical and evaluative when considering the effect and impact of texts.
  • To be thoughtful and considerate of purpose and audience when writing, adjusting and crafting their writing carefully as a result.
  • Be motivated to improve and to have the ability and initiative to work independently as well as with their teachers.
  • Fully engage with the connection between context and texts, including British Values.