Modern Foreign Languages Faculty Vision and Intent

As a faculty, we aim to inspire students to be linguists who are confident both to use foreign languages functionally and creatively and to embrace other cultures, people and travel.

Our key values are centred around:

  • The joy of learning
  • Global Citizenship
  • A passionate interest and engagement with other races and cultures
  • Open-mindedness
  • Creativity
  • A desire to learn from others and self
  • A love of languages


Our lessons will be characterised by:

  • A sense of joy and fun
  • A sense of purpose and relevance in all that we do
  • Target language immersion
  • Risk-taking and the acceptance that success does not always come at the first attempt
  • Pride, participation and progress
  • A thirst for learning from teachers and their students
  • A range of resources and activities which will act as the hook to embed knowledge and skills
  • A burning desire for all children in our care to succeed and a belief that they can