“Computers are going to be a big part of the future and that future is yours to shape”  Barrack Obama, 2015

ICT fluency is so fundamental to understanding and participating in society that it is valuable for every student to learn.

Our vision is to prepare all students to be active and informed contributors to our increasingly technological society and to spark some into future careers.

Our lessons will be characterised by active learning experiences that are relevant to students’ lives, and provide them with authentic choice. As students proceed through our pathway, we increasingly shift responsibility to students to formulate their own questions, develop their own solutions, and critique their own work.

Key Qualities to be fostered in our students:

  • Willing to take risks to develop skills and knowledge outside of their current boundaries.
  • Curious, creative thinkers.
  • Question their ways of working and protocols to produce more efficient and effective ways of using technology.
  • To clearly identify how technology enhances the world in which they live and how it can have be used to create a positive effect on society.