Week beginningWhat you should expect from Park View
04.05.21P Hall welcome letter
17.05.21House introduction letter
24.05.21Transition information pack
31.05.21Half term week
07.06.21Phone calls from pastoral team begin over the next 7 weeks each child will receive a phone call from Mrs Danby or Mrs Hutley as an introduction to the pastoral team answering any queries you have. If you do not receive a call until week 7 please do not worry you will get one.
14.06.21Introductory film from Mrs Danby, Ms Hall and Mrs Hutley
21.06.21Transition week – All students to have a day visit to school, your introductory letter will give you the date and timings of when you are expected to attend
28.06.21Short film of activities students can take part in when at Park View
05.07.21Short film of tutors for September.
12.07.21Letter re tutor groups to go out