A Park View, developing ‘character’ goes hand in hand with high academic aspirations. We support our students to become capable, curious, confident and caring learners who will be able to contribute positively to our ever changing community. Character can be caught and taught; caught in the everyday positive climate and ethos of our school and taught by inspirational teachers and support staff in every subject.

At Park View School we recognise that your character is your most valuable asset; we will make it our mission to help you to nurture it, look after it and be proud of it. 

Character Caught –  This is our climate and ethos, the rules we have, the tone we set; in short our expectations. It’s in the way we model our own behaviours, the respect we show and the caring community we are part of and that we all foster. It’s also in the relationships we build, our humor, passion and enthusiasm for all that we do. 

Character TaughtThis is our subject specific and Personal Development curriculum. It’s about subject leaders taking a shared responsibility to plan ways to explicitly develop and nurture our character. It’s also about all teaching and support staff sharing the responsibility to promote and develop our Character Curriculum routinely and consistently.

Year 7 – ‘Getting Organised’ 

Students investigate how being organised can help them to succeed. They look at ways to organise their learning as well as how being organised at home can also have a positive impact upon progress. We also explore how we can make a good impression and how this is also affected by how organised we are. Being organised is all part of how we become resilient in life and at school and this is an important skill we need to develop. 

Year 8 – ‘Make it Happen’

Building on from organisational skills in Year 7, students work collaboratively to present their Personal Development work so far. They investigate what skills are needed to present well and they will plan and deliver a short presentation to their peers. This helps to build confidence as well as helping to develop communication skills.

Year 9 – ‘Get Ahead’

At this point in their school career students may be beginning to think about future career pathways and choices. To support them to do this successfully we investigate ‘personal branding’ and how all of their Personal Development and Character skills so far can help them to be successful moving forward.