Park View School is a high achieving academy situated in Chester-le-Street, County Durham. Although we place great store upon academic success, we also value all aspects of education, believing that for students to take their place in society they must be truly rounded individuals.

For this reason, we have created a Record of Achievement which is designed to give future employers a flavour of what each student is like as a person, highlighting those skills, habits and attitudes which would make him/her of value in the workplace or a higher education setting.

The students have been working with staff to assess and then develop their competency in each area since joining the school. For each, they have been graded: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum (Lowest to Highest), with a descriptor to explain this judgement. One would not expect every student to have every category as a strength: this is not a pass/fail model or a competition; it is the culmination of a process which recognises the qualities which make each individual unique and should be read as such.

At Park View, we believe that all students have the power to move a mountain if they are given the opportunity and support to do so, such is their limitless talent and potential. In that context, I hope that you will enjoy reading about the fantastic young person described in this Record of Achievement.