We believe that the Arts are the heartbeat of an institution as they provide students with the opportunity to find their ‘voice’, be it through drawing, designing, painting, photography, film, drama, dance or music.

It is in the creative fields that they can hone their powers of expression, revel in the beauty of their humanity and empathise with the world around them. As is befitting a school which prides itself on providing a liberal education, there are a tremendous number of opportunities for creative spirits both within the curriculum and in our extra-curricular programme. The school has been awarded Arts Mark Silver in recognition of its commitment to the creative and performing arts. A wide range of students have successfully achieved their own Arts Award by participating in or organising activities in a variety of fields, ranging from dance to design.

Musically, there are opportunities for students of all ages to be involved in numerous ensembles, including the Orchestra, String group and Chamber Choir. Over 100 students annually choose to undertake peripatetic music lessons. The Performing Arts Faculty as a whole offers a varied programme of events, including termly performing arts evenings, musical productions and examination drama performances. The Drama department also participates in the annual Shakespeare Schools Festival where students perform a Shakespeare play in one of our local professional theatres alongside other schools in the area. Students in all subjects are thriving at examination level. We are also really pleased to have invested in Performing Arts forther by introducing professional masterclasses that run after school and our Junior Performing Arts Academy which runs for our younger students on Saturday mornings during term time.