Faculty Leader- Mrs S Raine

Head of Food – Mrs R Clayton

Head of Art – Mrs E Wright

Head of Design (KS4) – Mrs C Wilds

Head of Design (KS3) – Mr D Bell

Personal Development

PD Faculty Leader- Mrs C Reynolds

Head of Character- Mrs S Raine

Head of Citizenship- Mr C Hobbs

Head of Enrich Learning – Mrs C Reynolds

Head of R&SE– Mr R Russell


Head of English- Mr A Groark

Head of Lower School English- Miss E Wilcox

Head of Upper School English- Mrs J Gibson

Head of Sixth Form English- Mr M Hill


Head of Geography – Mr N Roberts

Head of History- Mrs C Greenwell

Head of RE & Sociology- Mrs R Clancey-Maley

Head of Psychology- Mrs C Reynolds


Head of Mathematics- Mr M Anderson

Head of Lower School Maths- Miss S Hindmarch

Head of Upper School Maths- Miss Z Muncaster

Head of Sixth Form Maths- Mr J Richardson

Modern Foreign Languages

Head of French- Mr P Davison

Head of German- Mrs J Goad

Head of Spanish- Mr W Good

Performing Arts

Faculty Leader- Miss S Moore

Head of Drama- Miss S Moore

Head of Lower School Performing Arts- Mrs J Monaghan / Mrs S Flynn

Head of Music- Mr M Griffiths


Faculty Leader- Mr S Gill

Head of KS3 PE –  Miss G Farndell

Head of BTEC Sport – Mr G Pickering

Head of Post 16 Academic Sport – Mr G Christie

Academy of Sport Director- Mr L Pendleton


Faculty Leader- Mr J Coxon

Head of Biology- Miss E Perrin

Head of Chemistry – Mrs L Bunn

Head of Physics- Mr J Turner

Head of Lower School Science- Miss S Johnstone

Head of Applied Science- Mr J Postlethwaite


Head of Business- Ms N Hardy

Head of Health and Social Care- Mrs C Vaudrey

Head of Media- Miss C Smith

Head of ICT and Digital Literacy – Mr B Crampton