Description of Roles

All Year Groups are led and managed by a Learning Co-ordinator, Assistant Learning Co-ordinator, Guidance Manager and a team of tutors. Pastoral Leaders support a year group’s behaviour and achievement, attendance and attitudes to learning.

Year 7

Year 7Head of Year- Miss K Brown

Year 7 Pastoral Manager- Mr A Batey

Year 8

Year 8 Head of Year- Miss M Willis

Year 8 Pastoral Manager- Mrs J Hope

Year 9

Year 9 Head of Year – Mr C Taylor

Year 9 Pastoral Manager- Mr A Gray

Year 10

Year 10 Head of Year- Mr N Roberts

Year 10 Pastoral Manager- Mr M Davies

Year 11

Year 11 Head of Year- Mrs J Schofield

Year 11 Pastoral Manager- Mrs H Morran

Sixth Form

Head of Year 12- Mr R Glass

Head of Year 13- Mr M Hern

Sixth Form Pastoral Support- Miss J Johnson

Student Support

Head of Student Support  Miss A-L Ashburner

Upper School Attendance Lead– Miss J Thoms