Personal Development at Park View will empower young people to become the best versions of themselves now and in the future. We will support them to flourish and thrive as individuals, community members and global citizens.

Our students will be:

  • Prepared for the future by encouraging the development of characteristics for life such as a love of learning, resilience, integrity, team work, critical thinking and independence.
  • Prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences they already face and for adult life in an ever changing world.
  • Provided with information about keeping healthy and safe, emotionally and physically and how to assess risk.
  • Encouraged to understand how all actions have consequences and how they can make informed choices to help themselves, others and the environment.
  • Enabled to feel positive about who they are and to manage and enjoy fulfilled lives
  • Encouraged to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead confident, safe and healthy lives and to participate as informed active and responsible citizens.


Our Lessons will be characterised by enquiry led learning to achieve the aims above:-

Citizenship will involve a high-quality programme of study and experiences allowing for all pupils to gain exposure to and awareness of the most pertinent issues and legalities that will affect their lives and those of the community around them. The study of Citizenship at Park View will equip and prepare pupils to become responsible citizens who understand and respect British Values, have knowledge of political and socialĀ  issues and are able to responsibly manage finance.

Relationships and sex education aims to help young people recognise, develop and nurture healthy and happy relationships. It also aims to inform young people on the laws surrounding sexual relationships and how to remain safe

Developing ā€˜characterā€™ will go hand in hand with high academic aspirations. We will support our students to become capable, curious, confident and caring learners who will be able to contribute positively to our ever changing community. Character can be caught and taught; caught in the everyday positive climate and ethos of our school and taught by inspirational teachers and support staff in every subject.

Health & Wellbeing education seeks to promote the best possible state of well-being amongstĀ our students by informing and motivating them to adoptĀ and maintain healthy practices and lifestyles

Careers & IAG aims to inspire young people about the world of work and raise their aspirations for learning and career opportunities that are open to them. Good career guidance enables students to make informed decisions whenever choices are open to them. It helps them to understand enough about the world of work and to know what skills they need to succeed. It is important for social mobility because it helps open pupilsā€™ eyes to careers they may not have considered

Digital Literacy aims to educate young people in digital concepts and skills. The outcome will be a lifelong engagement with computers and technology both in life and work, with the development of social and economic opportunities.