We know that this past few months is not what any of us planned for or expected. We also know that this has been a strange time for you to navigate with so many unanswered questions. We cannot change this strange situation but what we can do is prepare you as best we can for the next stage of your journey so that you are ready for the months ahead. For many of you that will mean further education and hopefully here with us. We want to help prepare you for all that is coming in the next few months – wherever your next plans may lead you!

We have launched our 6th Form Transition Google Classroom for you. This has been designed to explore some of the areas that will help you as you start your Post 16 studies. Each area comes with some resources for you to work through but it is your choice what and when you want to complete.  The main idea throughout this is to encourage you to experience and explore!

It would be great for you to keep a record of everything you have done each week, as this will help you when you start 6th form. This should include what you have learned and your thoughts or questions you have. We will be discussing this at induction when you start Year 12. I would do this in the form of a one line diary – but you are more than welcome to do more!

Messages/Resources to share with parents
Week 1 ThemeThe theme of this week is to focus on reflecting and developing character. This allows the students to process what they have done, especially in the past few months and look at what they can do - what they can gain from this experience and time to promote character development and skills that will be invaluable in their future.
Week 2 ThemeThe theme of this week is to focus on community and cultural experience. Learning new knowledge is important moving to 6th form from year 11 studies- But, there is also so much more that students can engage with to improve their wider knowledge and understanding on their doorstep and the world around them. The tasks this week focus on allowing students to explore their opportunities and experience new challenges.
Week 3 ThemeThe theme of this week is to focus on wellbeing and the super curriculum. As we all know feelings of wellbeing are fundamental to overall health and help to support bouncing back when overcoming difficulties. These resources are to encourage students to reflect on their own wellbeing during these times and provide strategies to help maintain their wellbeing. Alongside this there are resources to help students develop their love of learning in subjects areas that interest and engage them. Building knowledge of a subject area above and beyond the classroom - ‘Super curriculum’. This is a key skill expected of them to succeed at A-level and beyond.
Week 4 ThemeThe theme of this week is to focus on organisation/study skills and future planning. The resources for this week are designed to support students with the jump from GCSE to A-level studying, there is a huge difference where students are expected to learn more independently. Students can use the resources alongside the information shared by subject areas to find what study skills they prefer and can use moving forward. A factor that plays a big role in student success at 6th form is having an understanding of what they may want to do after. The resources this week are designed to help students with this thought process which will then support them with subject choices and hopefully motivation and engagement with their future.
Week 5 ThemeThe theme of this week is to focus on resilience and future planning with a focus on goals. The resources for this week are designed to continue with engaging in their future plan and from this to set goals. Having a sense of resilience enables an individual to approach other situations with greater optimism and a sense of ‘I can’ rather than ‘I can’t. This is difficult but is especially important for young people at this point in their lives. The resources this week have been chosen to help students engage with their resilience and strategies that may help them when moving forward into their next stage.

Contact Mrs Price [email protected] if you require guidance on how to access google classroom.