Head of Upper School- Alison Moore ([email protected])

The Church Chare site houses Years 9-11, as well as the Sixth Form.  The curriculum is designed to allow students to specialise in their studies as they move into older adolescence in order that they are prepared fully for their chosen futures.  In this respect, our size matters as being a large school allows us to run a wide range of courses which suit each individual student’s needs.

At the end of Year 9, students choose the courses they will take to GCSE (see this link for options), with extensive counselling supporting both them and their parents/carers in making these decisions.  This process is continued throughout Key Stage 4, most prominently in Year 11, where vital decisions about post-16 education or training have to be finalised. The majority of students choose to continue their studies with us into the Sixth Form.

The Church Chare site is designed to enhance learning, with specialist science laboratories, design workshops, performance areas and indoor and outdoor sports facilities, all providing students with platforms on which to excel.  All teachers of examination classes are subject specialists, with resources carefully targeted to support them in their work. We have recently invested heavily on improving the buildings and updating our ICT network and PCs.