Our Upper School curriculum is broad and balanced and will hopefully allow for a wide range of choice for all students. We have split our curriculum into “pathways”. These pathways are designed so that students are steered towards subjects where they will have the best chance of success leading to rewarding and fulfilling careers based on successful outcomes.

We have always believed in providing a curriculum which is appropriate to each student and all students will attend an interview with a senior member of staff to ensure that the subjects they choose are best suited to their interests and skills. 

Some students will be best suited to studying mainly GCSE subjects which are assessed at the end of three years and where most of the assessment is through a written exam and controlled assessments. Other students may be better suited to a mix of GCSE and BTEC/Cambridge National courses. BTEC/Cambridge National courses are equivalent to GCSEs but their assessment is through continual coursework and a smaller exam component. They are an excellent choice for students who wish to have a mix of assessment and not just final exams.

Most students, unless you have been told otherwise by the Senior Member of Staff carrying out your interview, will choose three or four options and should also indicate reserve subjects too. All students will be issued a colour to correspond with the options pathway that we recommend.



Download the Upper School Options booklet here