Careers Advice is not just for Young People, Parents/Carers also need support to help young people make tough and challenging decisions. Careers advice for parents is a website that has been set up by careers professionals and recommended by the UK Career Development Institute. ‘Careers Advice for Parents aims to give you an easy-to-read overview of all the essential facts on finding jobs and apprenticeships or choosing further and higher education courses which could make a real difference to your child’s future career prospects.’


This particular site is aimed at parents or guardians of young people who are faced with, or who will be faced with, making decisions about their options post 18. Parent Advisor information about all of the options post 18, including apprenticeships and gap years, as well as Higher Education. 


The National Careers Service is also a good, reliable source of impartial advice and guidance.


iCould provide a range of good articles in one place that examines the range of choices available to young people at 16 and 18, these are specifically targeted at parents and carers.


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