Term Dates

(NB : additionally, refer to bottom of page for Teacher Professional Development Days when school is closed for pupils)

October Half Term 2022Friday 21st October 2022Monday 31st October 2022
Christmas 2022Tuesday 20th December 2022Thursday 5th January 2023
February Half Term 2023Friday 17th February 2023Monday 27th February 2023
Easter 2023Friday 31st March 2023Monday 17th April 2023
May Day 2023Friday 28th April 2023Tuesday 2nd May 2023
Coronation Bank Holiday May 2023Friday 5th May 2023Tuesday 9th May 2023
May Half Term 2023Friday 26th May 2023Monday 5th June 2023
Summer 2023Friday 21st July 2023Tuesday 5th September 2023
October Half Term 2023Friday 27th October 2023Monday 6th November 2023
Christmas 2023Tuesday 19th December 2023Thursday 4th January 2024
February Half Term 2024Friday 16th February 2024Monday 26th February 2024
Easter 2024Thursday 28th March 2024Monday 15th April 2024
May Day 2024Friday 3rd May 2024Tuesday 7th May 2024
May Half Term 2024Friday 24th May 2024Monday 3rd June 2024
Summer 2024Tuesday 23rd July 2024TBC

Teacher Professional Development Days (closed to pupils) are:

2022 / 2023
Monday 5th September 2022
Friday 30th September 2022
Friday 25th November 2022
Monday 28th November 2022
Wednesday 4th January 2023

2023 / 2024

Monday 4th September 2023
Friday 29th September 2023
Friday 24th November 2023
Monday 27th November 2023
Wednesday 3rd January 2024


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For general enquiries, please contact Miss Emma Hagar, Company Secretary on [email protected]