Ofsted Short Inspection 2019

In June 2019, Ofsted visited Park View for a rigorous short (Section 8) inspection to help confirm whether the school is still “Good”, the outcome from the last full inspection in 2012 and subsequent monitoring visit in 2015. Three inspectors visited the school to carry out the work. They had a full day across both the North Lodge and Church Chare sites. They visited 24 lessons, interviewed all members of the Senior Leadership Team as well as other Middle Leaders and teachers/support staff and they also interviewed students and looked at the quality of their work.

The inspection confirmed what we think about our school, we are “Good”. In terms of detail, we have a good handle on how to improve and we look forward to demonstrating this over the coming years. As a school, we accept and agree with their findings on how to improve..

We are delighted with a lot of the direct feedback which we felt captured what it is like to be part of our school community. Highlights of the inspection findings are included here:

“You have developed a clear vision for your school based around core values, such as respect, compassion and kindness that are shared and promoted effectively by all leaders, including governors. You ensure that all your staff believe in your inclusive ethos. Staff consider carefully how they can build communities in their classrooms that increase pupils’ confidence, such as to express their views and ask relevant questions in lessons. Nearly all pupils said that they are proud to be a part of the school community and that they feel supported to achieve their very best. The views I collected from parents support this. Almost all agree that their child is happy and safe at your school. You, your leadership team and staff are rightfully proud of your pupils and of their attitudes towards learning and towards each other. Pupils showed excellent attitudes to learning in all lessons that inspectors observed. 

The sixth-form is a school strength. As a result of effective leadership and good teaching, students make good progress over time. The sixth-form leader has an ambitious vision and high expectations. Strong and efficient processes are in place to ensure that all students are effectively assessed, monitored and supported.

 At the time of the previous short inspection in November 2015, leaders and governors were asked to make some improvements. You have worked well to address these overall. For example, pupils now have a good understanding of the differences between bullying and friendship issues. You now carefully track the achievement of children looked after. Dedicated counsellors work alongside pastoral leaders to support the well-being of these pupils effectively. You work closely with the local authority to ensure they can achieve well. You were also asked to improve the rigour in the teaching in Years 7 and 8 so that pupils are better prepared for key stage 4. While you have worked to achieve this, your efforts have not had the desired effect in all subjects.

Safeguarding is effective. You ensure that safeguarding is effective through clear processes and procedures that staff and governors understand. The leadership team has ensured that all safeguarding arrangements are fit for purpose and records are detailed. Leaders know their pupils and communities well which results in pupils feeling safe and happy. Pupils are confident that staff will deal effectively with any problems they might have. Leaders deal swiftly and effectively with any incidents and concerns to make sure they do not lead to a pupil being endangered. Your leaders have a strong knowledge of the particular risks that pupils may face, and you work effectively in partnership with external groups to minimise these risks. The well-being and achievement of children who are looked after is kept in firm view in everything that you do. This is a very inclusive school and there is a strong sense of community and care. Diversity within the school is celebrated and pupils are respectful of one another’s choices. Leaders encourage this through the use of a wide range of enrichment activities, including clubs that support diversity, such as the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.”

Not captured in the letter are some of the statements made by inspectors in their briefing at the end of the inspection. One of the inspectors commented on “..unprecedented levels of parent satisfaction…” and thought our students were exceptional as there was “not one example of a child being off task.” another inspector talked of the fact that Park View was a happy school where students were well supported and looked after and where relationships were strong: she said, “I will be sad to leave.”

Ofsted will be back inspecting the school with a new inspection framework which is designed to support schools that are as well rounded and inclusive as ours with the same high standards. Whilst we look to their next visit with optimism, we will continue to do our very best to ensure we are excellent everyday and will continue to welcome support from all our stakeholders.


Mr A Finley (Headteacher)

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