At Park View, we believe that standards of uniform are inextricably linked to standards of behaviour: it is vital that students understand that they are attending a place of learning rather than a social club and dress accordingly. We expect all students to wear their uniform in a way which shows that they have pride in themselves and the school. Our new uniform reflects the fact that we feel they are world class in all that they do.

Uniform regulations are as follows:

  • Black blazer with gold braid including house crest
  • Black trousers with school crest or black pleated or A Line skirt with school crest
  • Plain white school shirt
  • Plain black shoes (not trainers, heels, boots, pumps, plimsolls or canvas shoes)
  • Black and gold clip-on tie
  • Plain black belt (if necessary)
  • Black and gold v-neck jumper with school crest (optional)


PE Kit

  • Black/White Akoa Boys Polo Top embroidered with Park View School logo or a plain black polo top/tee shirt
  • Black/White Akoa PE Hoodie embroidered with Park View School logo or a plain black
    hoodie/jumper (recommended, not compulsory)
  • Black/White Akoa Rain Jacket embroidered with Park View School logo or a plain black
    sports/rain jacket (optional)
  • Black Tracksuit Bottoms embroidered with Park View School logo or plain black tracksuit bottoms or
  • Black Sports Leggings embroidered with Park View School logo or plain black sports
    leggings or
  • Plain Black Shorts
  • PE Plain Black Socks (optional)
  • Suitable trainers of any colour
  • Studded Football/Rugby Boots of any colour (recommended)

Students injured and/or excused from PE are still required to change fully into the correct PE kit for the lesson. This is so that they may be involved in a coaching, officiating or leadership capacity while keeping their uniform clean and dry.

For certain activities, (such as Rugby), students may be encouraged to wear old clothing of any colour that they do not mind being stretched or getting very dirty. This is however at the discretion of their PE teacher and will be communicated directly to students.

Students selected to represent the school in certain sporting fixtures will be provided with a
shirt/jersey/vest to wear, but will need to have their own shorts/socks/skorts as appropriate. They will also need studded boots and shin pads for football training/matches, and studded boots for rugby training/matches.


Emblematic, a local firm, stock and sell our blazers, ties, jumpers, trousers, skirts and embroidered PE kit items in a variety of ways that should make it easier for parents and carers to purchase. Shirts/blouses, plain black PE kit items and shoes can continue to be purchased at any retail outlet. Emblematic’s distribution channels include:

  • Online at with delivery to your home or school.
  • Trying on and ordering At Emblematic retail store at Unit 26, North Tyne Industrial Estate, Whitley Rd, Benton, Newcastle upon Tyne NE12 9SZ. This will be a place to try on only.

No other retailer will stock these items of our uniform or have an acceptable variant.


Polo shirts, jeans, tight fashion shirts, tight/flared trousers, jeggings or leggings, trainers, sandals, boots (i.e. footwear above the ankle) and stiletto heels are not acceptable. (The maximum height of shoe heels should be 3cm).

One pair of small ear studs is allowed (one in each ear), but not rings or studs in any other part of the body. Other jewellery, make up, false or varnished nails should not be worn.

Hair styles should not be extreme and colour should look natural (if in doubt please consult the school before the hair appointment is made).

Headwear should not be worn, except on grounds of religion.