• Ensure all stakeholders are effectively communicated with
  • Communication is clear and checked
  • There are minimal delays in communication
  • All relevant aspects of the Data Protection Act (2018) and associated legislation is adhered to. Information made available through the SIMS Parent App system is private and confidential and protected by law under the Data Protection Act 2018

External communication

  • Phone
  • Face to face
  • ClassCharts App for parents and students
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Hard copy post

Maintaining effective and productive relationships with stakeholders is essential and whenever possible we will meet or phone parents to speak to them on issues relating to students in the school.


Introduced in September 2022 and continuing to roll out, ClassCharts is a communication platform which allows rapid and effective communication of positive and negative behaviour in school. We have invested to make school life as transparent for stakeholders as possible. The programme shows pupils and parents achievements, behaviours and detentions, homework, timetables and announcements (messaging system). All school messages are sent via the App. Internally students use the Google Classroom and email to communicate with staff. Students are educated in digital literacy and an ICT acceptable use policy is in place in school for students and staff.

ClassCharts can be found at


The main email address of the school is [email protected]. Again, this inbox is monitored and any responses forwarded to the appropriate staff in school to respond. However, parents do often email specific leadership staff directly in school for example, Head of Sixth Form on queries regarding the sixth form.

Using the App safely and securely

  • The ClassCharts App is provided for the exclusive use of persons who are legally responsible for a student/students currently attending the school as well as the student themselves.
  • Use of the system assumes that users have read the ClassCharts App Privacy Statement.
  • Access is granted on the condition that users agree to the terms of this policy.
  • Usernames and passwords should not be disclosed to any other person. Users should contact the school if they believe this to be the case.
  • App users accept liability for any potential misuse of the system and/or breach of the Data Protection Act, which occurs as a result of failing to adhere to guidelines. Access to the App can be withdrawn at any time. If there are concerns around safeguarding access will be restricted pending investigation.
  • Requests for access to the ClassCharts App must be made via the main school office and will be checked against SIMS records. Information in the App should not be shared, with the exception of the student(s) the information relates to or other adults with parental responsibility for that student.
  • Users should be aware of the risks of using the App in unsecure wifi connections.